Monday, February 22, 2016

Catching Up

Hey guys!

This past week has been a busy one. I worked a few hours with my dad tearing up carpet and a couple extra at my normal job. Every time I sat down to write for the blog nothing seemed to come out. I don't know if it's a type of writers block or what, but my brain is always busy with ideas until I sit down to write. In an attempt to get the juices flowing I thought I'd write about what's been going on lately.

First of all, I am never prepared to tear up carpet. Somehow my body always forgets how difficult the task of carrying carpet rolls seems to be. I almost always strain a muscle, whether it's in my leg or my back or my arm, and I am sure to scratch myself with the edge of a roll at least once. You do what you gotta do.

I watched Jen Campbell's January favorites video last week where she mentioned Our Changing Climate by JacksGap. I somehow missed this video when it was released on Jack's channel so I'm glad she pointed it out. Whatever you believe, the Earth is where we live and we need to start taking care of our home.

One project I've been dutifully working on since last year has been organizing my iTunes library. When my computer crashed I realized my external hard drive was a complete mess. Ever since then I've been slowly chipping away at the unwanted music and unusable files. Last Sunday I was finally able to back up my new iTunes library and it felt a huge weight life off my shoulders. Maybe it seems silly from an outsiders perspective but digital clutter is just as detrimental to productivity as physical clutter. My music is a big part of who I am, so having it a certain way is important to me.

I'm only slightly embarrassed to say I've been obsessively listening to One Direction lately. I blame it on my love for James Corbin and this Carpool Karaoke videos. One Direction music makes for the greatest dance break music. I jump up and down. I whip my hair back and forth. I sing along at the top of my lungs (most likely out of tune). It's wonderful and I don't care that it's cheesy pop music.

Also in an effort to simplify my life I have started to realize that having so many television shows to watch has made me more anxious than excited. I think I've talked about this in the past but feeling behind and knowing I can't watch everything really brings me down. Television is there for entertainment and unless it's your job, watching TV shouldn't be stressful. To relieve some of that stress I've decided to let a few shows go. We'll see what happens but I think it'll be a good change in the end.

Remember that post I wrote about the soft opening of Elsie's cafe? They actually shut down their original location and are moving in with Georgina's. Elsie's will be open Friday through Sunday for breakfast and lunch with the same great menu they served before.

I met a friend for coffee and breakfast on Friday morning. There's not many people I'd meet at 7am on my day off, but she's definitely one of them. I can honestly say I never mind getting up early on days that we meet because catching up with her puts me in such a good mood. She is always busy but she still makes time for me. I'm incredibly grateful for her friendship.

I'm currently suffering through a reading slump at the moment. I've been very critical of books lately and not enjoying or wanting to read anything. Hopefully this goes away soon. Normally I can read right through a slump with no problem but none of my usual cures are working. Anyway I did still manage to read more books than expected in the month of January. Last week I posted a video of January mini reviews and there are more videos coming soon.


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