Sunday, February 14, 2016

Literary Love

This Valentine's Day I thought I'd celebrate by sharing a few of my favorite literary couples (in no particular order).

We'll start with the book that's probably the most unexpected one on the list, The Book Thief. There may not be a specific literary couple that jumps out from this book but the story is without a doubt about love. Familial love (Liesel, Hans, and Rosa), friendships (Liesel and Max), and even a little of the romantic kind (Liesel and Rudy).

I know everyone chooses Elizabeth and Darcy but they're a classic.

Part of me thinks this couple trumps over all the others, Jamie Fraser and Claire Randal from the Outlander series. I'm currently in the middle of Dragonfly in Amber and I never want their love story to end. My love for accents, kilts, and red headed men only continues to grow.

Speaking of time traveling couples who are 1/2 named Claire/Clare; Clare and Henry from The Time Traveler's Wife may be unconventional due to the weird age differences throughout the book, but they still get my vote.

In terms of cheesy/tragic love stories, the couple at the top of the list would have to be Hazel and Augustus from The Fault in Our Stars. I mean it's two cancer ridden kids falling in love, you know it's going to be tragic and heartbreaking and tear-worthy. I love John Green's writing and there's so many good moments in here. Hazel and Augustus forever.

Celia and Marco from The Night Circus are the ultimate star-crossed lovers (yes, they trump Romeo and Juliet). Their love is so strong it overcomes their doomed fate. Can this book be a movie already? Or a real life circus?

Finally, Anne and Gilbert from the Anne of Green Gables series. Should we talk about what a crush I had on Jonathan Crombie as Gil in the Canadian series growing up? Like hard core crushing it. Anne and Gilbert made a perfect pair even when she didn't know it yet.


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