Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Elsie's Soft Opening

Hey guys,

Last week I was lucky enough to get a reservation for a new restaurant that will be opening in Traverse City. The restaurant's soft opening was Saturday and Sunday and reservations were available via Elsie's Facebook page. After waking up late I was worried we wouldn't be able to go, but by some small miracle managed to get a spot for three people.

The owner of Elsie's is also the owner of Georgina's, another restaurant in town that serves Latin Asian fusion. The new restaurant will serve brunch and currently occupies the building Georgina's used to be in. While Elsie's menu is considerable different, the personal influences and heart behind the restaurant is the same. I have the privilege of knowing Tony, the owner, through a friend's family, and I'm always impressed at the amount of thought he puts into his businesses.

Both my parents accompanied me on Saturday, which made the morning a load of fun. I meant to take more pictures but we were too busy enjoying the delicious food. After we arrived, the staff immediately brought out coffee for us. Apparently neither of my parents had tried French press coffee before; they were so impressed I didn't think they'd settle for any other kind again. Food wise we started out with a Cuban style pastry that tasted a little bit like heaven. You think I'm joking but it was one of the best pastries I've ever had. Next came a basket of Cuban sandwiches that were equally delicious.

I borrowed this picture from Elsie's Facebook page because that's the only picture of us (plus Tony) and not the food. 

The cuban sandwiches were followed by a mac and cheese dish and a frittata with a side of hash browns. Last but not least, we were given three different deserts to try, a lemon pound cake, a coconut chocolate bar, and a cinnamon coffee cake.

The food was absolutely amazing. I couldn't stop eating. You know if you walk out of a place stuffed but happy it was worth every bit. Elsie's officially opens today, Wednesday January 27. I'd highly recommend checking it out and tasting the food for yourself.


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