Saturday, January 17, 2015

Be Open to Art

I don't typically spend time reading the comment section on Youtube because more often than not it's just a bunch of people saying mean things to each other. However I did find a comment on the video above that I just had to share.

The first person commented asking, "am I the only one that thinks this is some incredibly ugly dancing?" to which one person wrote this amazing response, "I feel like it's very naive of you to say "art must be pretty". If you feel that for you to enjoy art, you want it to be aesthetic, then fine, thats perfectly valid, but to disqualify all other forms of art or artistic expression by saying it isn't art because it isn't "pretty" is really narrow minded and truthfully pretty insensitive. Art is supposed to elicit an emotional response. Emotions aren't always pretty. Just because you don't feel something in response to a dance or a song or whatever it might be, doesn't mean that it isn't someone's art. Art basically has no rules or boundaries. As an artist myself, I don't care if you don't like what I create, just don't disregard, devalue or minimize it due to your personal preconceptions about art. That's almost like saying a woman isnt a woman if she isn't pretty."

Pretty powerful words.


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