Friday, October 3, 2014

New Fall Outfit Preview

After not buying any new clothing for a long time, I decided to finally purchase a few pieces to update my old wardrobe. Now that my weight has been in a better place for over a year, I feel much more comfortable putting money towards clothes. Of course it also helps that I now have a source of income too.

I was going to do a collective haul/outfit post, but unfortunately my new skirt has a pull. Major sad face!

I bought this really cute outfit from LOFT when I was in Illinois visiting family a few weekends back and I was planning on wearing it for my great grandma's birthday party last Saturday. Unfortunately when I took the skirt out to put it on Saturday morning I noticed this big thread pulled out in the front. I swear it wasn't there when I bought the skirt (I would have definitely noticed when I tried it on), so I don't know if it just got snagged on another piece in the bag or something got caught on it while I was still in the store. Either way I'm majorly bummed and now I have to figure out how to return/exchange the skirt without having a LOFT store near by.

I also picked up this sweater from LOFT, while the shirt and pants are from American Eagle.

It feels like a long time has passed since I felt proud of my wardrobe and personal style. I can't wait to keep building and developing a collection of clothes that better reflect who I am and what I love. Hopefully I have more to show you later after I get stuff with the skirt figured out.


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