Monday, October 20, 2014

Boot-iful Desires

Fall officially welcomes boot season. To celebrate I thought I'd share a few of my favorite boots that I've seen on the internet lately. Shoes can really make or break an outfit and finding the right shoes can make all the difference. The best shoes are versatile, unique, and well made so they'll hold up through multiple seasons (also comfortable because if they hurt you're less likely to wear them).

Frye Patty Leather Riding Bootie

Royal Rush Wrap Boots from Free People

Leather Bootie with Sole Detail from Zara

I love trends as much as the next fashion obsessed woman, but I view shoes as an investment. I value a shoe based on what I've liked over multiple years rather than what's on point for that season. If you prefer a chunky heal commit to it and let everyone know that's part of your personal style. Do however, let shoes surprise you. I've tried on shoes I thought I would hate and absolutely loved them and vice versa. You might think a certain shape or design will or won't look good, but you won't be certain until you try them on. Another point to remember is that you can find quality, stylish shoes on any budget. A shoe doesn't have to cost over $100 in order for it to be worth purchasing. Pay more attention to fabrics and stitching.

WELLYPRINT Women's Print Rain Boots Wellies from Joules

NAYA Harlin Hidden Wedge Boot from Free People

Early Bird Ankle Boots from ASOS

I'm not saying you have to follow the same rules as I do or that you can't buy anything that might go out of style, I'm just sharing my philosophy for buying shoes on a budget. If you have more money to spend or prefer to buy several new pairs of shoes every season then you do your thing and don't listen to a word I'm saying. Besides I haven't tried any of these shoes on or seen them in person, so I'm in no way endorsing these as the best boots on the market. All of these boots were chosen based on esthetics, but if anyone owns or has tried on any of the boots listed above, please let me know what you think of them! Are they worth purchasing?


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