Friday, February 3, 2012

Yo, Remember When This Used to Be a Work Out Blog

hahahh oh the good old days when i worked out all the time. Yeah, so sorry, I literally have not been to the gym or worked out in a month. Until today that is! I went for a "run" that lasted five minutes and then walked for the rest of the half an hour. At least it was something right? Next time i'll shoot for 10 minutes.... or 7?

I have been so focused on school and so busy with all of my classes that I didn't even feel like I had time on the weekends to workout. Last week i dropped my photography class, which took a lot of the pressure off. I've never dropped a class in the past 3 and a half years of college but with all the work that I have in every single one of my classes this year I felt like it was more important to focus on my psychology classes than this one photography class. I'm hoping I can maybe get a job now as well, but we'll see how much work I have now.

Hopefully I can continue to get gym time in because working out is a major stress relief for me; which is another reason why it was best for me to drop photography. I was way too stressed about everything and had no way of calming myself.

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