Sunday, September 18, 2011

Western for the Win!

This weekend has been marvelous! I went and spent Friday night at Corie's dorm room so I was on campus already for the big game. Saturday the game started at noon so we got up and got ready early to get good seats, which was not hard but worth it. Western played our big rivals Central Michigan University and ended up killing it. We won 41-14!!!!
Go Broncos!

The game was fun and it ended up being an amazing day out. I wish I had brought my sunglasses... and put on sunscreen. We were expecting clouds and sweatshirt weather, but were pleasantly surprised.

Saturday was followed up with a trip to Ulta and Buffalo Wild Wings, which was totally worth the wait. I chowed down on those wings! So good. I broke down and bought some new nail polish at Ulta. I'm addicted and need to stop spending money on it, although I did have a coupon (yes, I'm trying to justify my purchase).

Finally Sunday was spent watching the Lions, reading the Hunger Games, watching Burlesque with Nicole (Cam Gigandet is so yummy in that movie, he'll always remind me of the OC), and working out. I'm back up a few pounds so I need to get serious. I haven't been working out on a regular basis at all, so that needs to change.

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