Sunday, August 17, 2014

Communication Struggles

On occasion (or every single day) my life seems like a constant struggle to communicate properly with the outside world. It's pretty embarrassing and can create some super awkward moments. I thought I'd share this video from danisnotonfire because it made me laugh and sums up a few of my problems for you.

Not only do I have hearing problems, I also have the occasion speech difficulties. Now I'd say I've made improvements over the years to the way I speak and my ability to enunciate, but I still suffer from those moments where my brain to mouth wiring goes faulty. Sometimes I mumble, start talking way too fast, or get completely tongue tied. I'm constantly having to repeat myself when people ask for my name too. I can't tell if it's just my name or the way I'm saying it but I swear every time I say "Sarah" to a barista they say "Tara? Kara? Farrah?" Nope, no, none of the above. 

Of course I'm also the person who has to ask "what?" 5 times before finally figuring out what exactly the person across from me is saying. There's nothing like realizing that your hearing sucks worse than the lady trying to ask you a question, who happens to be 40 years older than you. Or more embarrassing than her telling you that she's giving you her "old lady" title for the day.

Welcome to my life of shame and humiliation. No wonder I have no friends.

Can anyone else relate?


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