Thursday, September 20, 2012

Big Bike Trip Part 3

So here we are at day three.

My first priority of the day was to come up with an attack plan for the eye allergies. My dad suggested bringing a wet wash cloth and my eye drops along for the ride. The idea was a definite success and my eyes stayed painless (although still itchy) for the rest of the trip.

On day one my mom had bought a lime slushie for lunch and that spawned the slushie obsession. I don't know what it was about those drinks, but they were a perfect way to get cool and refreshed. In fact, the only way I kept going on day three was because my dad suggested stopping and getting slushies at Dairy Queen for lunch. I also shamelessly broke down in a mini fit when my parents suggested we keep going and eat outside in a park instead of actually stopping for lunch. Hot days on the bike deserve cool drinks in an air conditioned building.

The rest of the day included more of the same.... corn and soy beans. Oh and more getting lost. We had to reroute a few times because we got trapped in a maze of corn.

this went on for miles

I kept a slower pace on the third day until we passed the town we were supposed to end up in. We decided to get a head start on the next day instead of having to do so many more miles on our last day. I was also able to beat my mile 69 curse. My dad and I battled it out at the end until his computer said 70, and I happily avoided any upsets to the day. It felt good to finally accomplish a successful day.

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