Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Passionate Style

So I was reading this interview recently with John Mayer where he discusses his style choices with GQ. When I first started reading the interview I kept thinking, oh man he's taking this so seriously. It was almost comical how intense he was about his sneaker collection, but as I kept reading that intensity became more admirable. Here's someone who makes a living as an artist and clearly living an artist lifestyle. John Mayer has completely accepted his evolving wardrobe choices as a part of himself. It's refreshing to hear someone actually taking their clothes seriously in a way that is relatable. He's not Lady Gaga defending her meat dress, he's just defending his desire to wear tibetan robes as a part of his every day wardrobe. He's not even ashamed of being called "worst dressed."

Some days it seems the whole world is taking itself too seriously while other times we're all too busy being sarcastic to genuinely like stuff anymore. Then here's John Mayer being ridiculously passionate about clothes he puts on his body and you just think, "why not?" Why are more people not passionate about the type of clothes they wear every day? Why do we obsess over what we look like on special occasions but act like we don't care on regular days?

I'm not saying people should always go out looking perfect and that no one should ever go to the grocery store in yoga pants and a sweatshirt, but it would be nice if our wardrobes were a better reflection of our personal styles. Of course I realize this type of thing takes time and our tastes, like our personalities, are ever evolving. Maybe people should just start wearing what they like more often than what they think other people like. Wardrobes should be built on an individual not on a societal norm. That way any time you put on jeans and a t-shirt or slip into a dress you feel those items comfortably represent what you're trying to say or the person you're trying to be.

So be passionate, if not about your wardrobe, about something.
Be daring. If you see something you like don't be afraid to try it out.
And most importantly, be yourself. Whoever that is.


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